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No one else does this. Research Matters.

  • Here at 123JobCentral we continually survey & interview Hiring Managers to uncover what truly motivates them to select one resume over another.
  • It's surprising how quickly "tried and true" techniques fade with industry shifts, economic turns and technology advances.
  • Candidates with outmoded concepts, approaches and resumes work harder for every interview — but it doesn't have to be that way.

123GetHired ~ Our Integrated Job Search Program

Whether you want a new position as quickly as possible, haven't searched recently or want to make the most of your compensation opportunities, the 123JobCentral 123GetHired Program pulls together the pieces of the puzzle. It's the end–to–end solution most of our clients seek –– complete assistance in gaining that next position. It includes:

  • Professionally-Written Resume

    Professional Resume

    A finely-tuned and professionally-written resume with proven results

  • Resume Posting Services

    Resume Marketing

    Broadband visibility with resume posting services to 90+ sites

  • Job Search Coaching

    Job Search Coaching

    A 1–hour Job Search Coaching session with a seasoned Job Search Coach to construct your personal Job Search/Interview action plan


* Guaranteed to bring interviews within 60 days –– the BEST guarantee in the industry! (So successful that 95% of our clients never need the guarantee!)

MegaJobAlerts is the largest collection of job sites anywhere. Our members can search for job boards based on location, industry and classification (general job board, association, employee, niche job board, government, recruiters and community sites).

  • Select From 5000+Job Sites – – And Growing

  • New Job Listings Delivered To Your Email Or Phone

  • Stop Searching The Job Boards Every day!

  • 5-Day Free Trial Just $4.99 per month. Cancel Anytime.

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Save Your Voicemails Forever!
Just $19.95

  • Call Us & Enter Your PIN

    Call Us & Enter Your PIN

    When you sign up, we'll email you our dedicated phone number and your special PIN (Personal Identification Number). Simply call us and enter your PIN when asked.

  • Call Your Voicemail

    Call Your Voicemail

    Our system will ask you to dial your voicemail system including entering your password if needed.

  • We Record The Message

    We Record The Message

    Simply play any voicemail you want us to record and we'll forward it right to you by email. You'll have your voicemail forever.

WHAT'S NEXT? The Legal System. We've already worked with a number of attorneys who need a way to collect client voicemail messages for case documentation. The voicemail might be from a debt collecor or an angry ex-spouse, but it's not easy for clients to provide this evidence to their attorneys. I know we can help. We're currently working on VCS (Voicemail Capture System) platform of lawyers and the clients.
Rachel Johnson
- President

MegaBuild℠ Internet Indexing Platform

Unleash A Data Store In Your Market.

  • Be The “Go To” Source For Your Market.

    Be The “Go To” Source For Your Market.

    Synthesize the Internet into one simple database of the critical sites & pages for your market.

  • Ring Up Subscriber Monthly Payments.

    Ring Up Subscriber Monthly Payments.

    If you build it, they will come! Benefit from a smooth and easy process for offering subscriber solutions.

  • Give Subscribers Access To 1000’s Of Recommended Sites.

    Give Subscribers Access To 1000’s Of Recommended Sites.

    Your users can search by location, category or industry and immediately view the pages they select. AND they can rate a site and even make personal notes about each. Wow!

  • Easy Database Build.

    Easy database build.

    We make data collection simple with our Internet harvesting tools that extract the data you need from each targeted site.

  • Customize To Your Market.

    Customize To Your Market.

    Multiple customizable fields make MegaBuild℠ a great fit for any market. AND MegaBuild℠ includes white label branding that gives you all the credit.

  • No Software To Install.

    No Software To Install.

    Yes, it’s that simple. We host your application and database. We support your users. You have no worries. Aaaahhh!

VCS℠: Voicemail Capture System

Could your project, company or market benefit from
a seamless voicemail capture method? Let’s Talk.

VCS℠ is a simple process for your users – they just call our system & follow the prompts.

  • Send the audio file to you or your users or both.
  • No voicemail passwords needed.
  • Voice-to-text transcription available.
  • No special telephony system needed.
  • No software to install.